What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

A general manager is responsible for the management of the entire organization. He/she has final say on player moves, trade negotiations, and contract renewals. The most important thing to understand when it comes to becoming a general manager is that you must be able to manage people.

General managers need to be good communicators and they have to know how to negotiate effectively. They also need to be adept at reading statistics, trends, market conditions, and other information.

If you want to become a general manager, you can start off by looking into college football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, or any number of sports teams. Then, once you feel confident in your skills, you can apply for jobs with MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NFL, PGA, NASCAR, and many others.

What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?
What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

What Are the Responsibilities of a Baseball General Manager?

A general manager has the responsibilities of overseeing the coaching team and financial contracts. The New York Yankees owner (Hal Steinbrenner) might give his General Manager (Brian Cashman) $200 million to spend each season. The $200 million budget is to build a team that can win the World Series.

The owner then steps away and lets the GM construct the team with that money. Before the trade deadline, a GM’s responsibilities include evaluating the team’s performance over the course of the season and then making a trade or not, before or after the trade deadline. One possible scenario is a general manager (GM) on the Detroit Tigers would have aging players with big contracts on a last place team.

The Tigers have no chance to make the playoffs, so they might consider trading. If the General Manager of the Tigers can trade away players, he can then build a roster that will produce future success. An example of this might be to trade a player with a big contract away from your team to another team. If you have more money in payroll available, then you can use it to purchase prospects that can improve your team. Typically this is used by a team that wants to become more competitive in the future.

What Are the Responsibilities of an Assistant General Manager?

An assistant general manager reports to the general manager and assists in any decision the GM makes. The job of a GM is to find and fill a position to improve a team. If the general manager sent Major League baseball scouts out to watch a particular player, they might also have the assistant GM go there. The Assistant GM can talk with scouts directly, and he can report that information to the GM.

How Much Do Baseball General Managers Make?

Baseball teams don’t release the exact salary of GM’s and other front office baseball operations salaries typically, but it’s safe to say GM’s are making upwards of $500k a year. Brian Cashman is worth about three million dollars a season. He’s the general manager of the New York Yankees. Typically, Major League Baseball managers are paid more than GMs.

Can You Fire a GM?

A general manager is the person who manages all aspects of a professional sports team. This includes hiring, firing, budgeting, negotiating contracts, and many other things. If you’re wondering whether or not you can fire a GM, the answer is yes.

Any player or coach can be fired for many reasons. There were many other high-profile firings at that time, one of which included the New York Mets and their GM, Jared Porter. Jared Porter was fired for a sexual harassment investigation with a female reporter.

As GMs, we must perform well in order to keep our jobs. Remember, a GM is using the owner’s money to construct a team to win. A lot of people would say the GM is next to go, because he does not produce a winning team. Examples like this include Bobby Evans of the San Francisco Giants who was fired in 2018 due to the losing performance of the team.

What Is the Difference Between a Baseball Manager and a General Manager?

A baseball team consists of a manager, an assistant, and various support staff and field personnel. An example of that would be Theo Epstein being the general manager for the Boston Red Sox from 2002 to 2011, and Terry Francona being the manager for Theo helped bring in key free agent players starting in 2002 to build a team that Terry Francona would manage on a day today. The duo of the general manager and manager helped to bring back the Boston Red Sox, ending an 86-year drought of futility.

How Many General Managers Are There in the MLB?

As of 2021, there are only 28 teams with a general manager in their front office. The two teams without a general manager are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Colorado Rockies. There are two models for how a baseball team operates: one that has a president of baseball operations that oversees all baseball-related decisions and one where the general manager takes care of all baseball-related decisions.

What Are the Presidents of Baseball Operations?

The rise of advanced metrics to measure baseball players gives general managers less influence when making a move. This trend shows that baseball is more important than ever before. New teams have decided to take the risk of using a President of Baseball Operations to handle all of the baseball decisions. From all over the world, groups and organizations want players, so a general manager has to make sure he considers that as well.

Who Was the First Official MLB GM?

The first official GM in baseball history was Billy Evans, in 1927. The best baseball player of all time was the great Bill Evans.

Who was the First Female General Manager?

First female GM of a major league baseball team is Kim Ng of the Miami Marlins in 2020. Before becoming the GM for the Milwaukee Brewers, he was the Assistant GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The best baseball player before that was Ken Williams. He played for the Chicago White Sox and pitched them to two World Series championships.


A baseball general manager helps facilitate the goals of the team owner. An NFL scout, assistant GM, and team manager are a GM’s key components. While baseball continues evolving with baseball stats, the role of a GM helps combine multiple aspects to accomplish the goal of a team.

Baseball General Managers are taking advantage of this trend by using avatar maker programs to design custom team logotypes and player images that can be used on websites, social media platforms, and other digital outlets.

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