What is a Face-Off Rules in Hockey?

What is a Face-Off Rules in Hockey

In every high school, college, AHL, Canadian, international, and NHL game, there is a face-off at the center ice. Each team (home and visiting) sends one player to line up at the ice center while waiting for the official to drop the puck. Find out what the circles on the ice mean, why hockey players … Read more

How Long Is a Hockey Intermission?

How Long Is a Hockey Intermission

The NHL has a number of unique features when it comes to their game schedule, but perhaps the most notable feature is that there are very few periods during which there is no action on ice. The average duration between games in the regular season is 3 hours and 20 minutes, while an extra hour … Read more

How Long Is a Hockey Game?

How Long Is a Hockey Game

How long is a hockey game? Well if you’ve never been to a hockey match before, you probably don’t know. But it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to over four hours. And the length of time depends on whether you’re watching an exhibition match, a league game, or an international competition. A typical NHL … Read more

How Do Players Get Points In Hockey

In hockey, a player gets points by scoring goals or by getting assists. A goal is worth two points, while an assist is worth one point. This video shows how players get points in hockey. Hockey is a great sport to watch, but it can be hard to understand the game. There are lots of … Read more