What Does a Baseball Bench Coach Do?

The most important thing that a baseball manager does is pick the best team every season. That’s why he has to evaluate which players will be able to play well together. If you are looking for a job in sports, you might find yourself applying for a position of being a baseball coach.

A good baseball coach is someone who can motivate his players and encourage them to perform better. He also needs to manage the rest of the staff properly in order to ensure that they’re not distracted while on field.

He may need to get feedback from his team so that he knows how to improve their performance. In addition, a baseball manager must work hard to keep track of all the information concerning the game, including statistics.

What Does a Baseball Bench Coach Do?
What Does a Baseball Bench Coach Do?

What Are the Responsibilities of a Bench Coach?

This is the right-hand man for a manager in a Minor or Major League club. For example, a manager might be thinking about moving a player during a game, so he first consults with the bench coach. The manager might talk about a particular strategy to one or both of his bench coaches. He might also talk about it to the hitter he’s planning to get out.

A bench coach helps set up practice situations and stretching routines for MLB players before games. Usually, you will see the assistant coach out with the players on the field during these assignments. The bench coach helps the team prepare for the season and is also involved in the day-to-day operations of the team.

In this example, the VP is the equivalent of the “bench coach. That means the bench coach needs to know how the game is played, meet with the General Manager on roster moves, understand the game’s rules, and more.

When Does a Bench Coach Take Over the Manager’s Responsibilities?

The most common reason a manager gets thrown out of the game is if he doesn’t perform at a level expected by the team or league. An ejection can occur if the Manager argues balls and strikes with an umpire or defends their player who gets into an umpire altercation.

When a manager can’t make a game or even just a few games, they’ll move into the role of coaching from the bench and giving their team a quick pep talk before the game. The bench coach will take over if the manager is unable to run the game. You might find that a manager cannot make it to a game for personal reasons, such as attending a funeral, being sick, or going to a kid’s graduation. The best managers know that they will eventually get the chance to manage in the major leagues.

Who Was the First Bench Coach in MLB History?

In baseball, the first bench coach was George Huff. He led the 1905 Fighting Illini baseball team.

How Much Does a Bench Coach Make?

An MLB bench coach’s salary ranges from about $150,000 – $250,000 a season. A baseball bench coach’s salary is similar to what hitting and pitching coaches and bullpen coaches make per season.

A first base coach and a third base coach make a little less than a bench coach but typically fall in the $100k range per season. Compared to an MLB manager, a high school coach will only make a fraction of what an MLB manager makes.

Here are some of the highest-paid baseball managers ever.

  • Mike Scioscia (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim making $6 Million)
  • Bruce Bochy (San Francisco Giants making $6 Million)
  • Ned Yost (Kansas City Royals Making $3.7 Million
  • Mike Scioscia (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim making $6 Million)
  • Joe Maddon (Chicago Cubs Making $6 Million)
  • Terry Francona (Cleveland Indians Making $4.2 Million)

Why Are Bench Coaches Important?

Bench coaches are like the coaches who are on teams who need extra support for a match but are not as important in that role as they are for an assistant coach. Hire someone who would be open to a career change, and who could take your team to the next level. Some of the best bench coaches to become managers in recent memory include Alex Correa and Terry Francona.

This team, the Philadelphia Phillies, have a strong farm system, and the Red Sox got their two new coaches from there. If anything happens to the manager of your favorite baseball team during the regular season, you might be able to fill his or her position on the bench. Just as the President and Vice President of the United States and the captain of an ocean liner must work together, MLB teams should do the same.

When a coach assumes the coaching responsibilities of an organization at a moment’s notice it is critical for any organization.

Don Zimmer as a Bench Coach

Many managers start their careers as baseball players. Baseball player Ernie Banks was born in Macon, Georgia on October 25, 1930. You might not have been impressed by his playing career as a hitter, but he’s a great coach. When it comes to being the most famous bench coach in baseball history, Don Zimmer could very well be the top choice.

Don Zimmer joined the Yankees as a bench coach in 1996 and helped the team win four World Series titles. Joe Torre (Manager) was diagnosed with prostate cancer while he was managing the Yankees and was forced to take leave.

In 2003, former New York Yankees manager Don Zimmer left the Yankees for the Tampa Bay Rays. Zimmer’s first season with the Cardinals was in 2004. Since then, he’s worked as the Cardinals’ pitching coach, helping the younger pitchers adjust to professional baseball. After Don Zimmer passed away, the Tampa Bay Rays have retired his number 66 to honor the positive impact he made on the team.


The bench coach for Minor League and Major League teams helps the Manager by acting as the right-hand man. While not as crucial as a head coach, outside of a bench coach’s day-to-day responsibilities, they are the second most important team coach. If a manager gets fired or resigns from a team, he needs to step in and take over the managerial role immediately.

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