The Danger of Playing Football? Pros & Cons

When I was a kid, my dad was a professional football player. He played on the offensive line for the Washington Redskins and was a part of two Super Bowl teams. At the time, he was one of the most famous football players in the world. He was also a very kind and humble man who taught me many life lessons, one of which is that playing football can be dangerous. I’ve seen firsthand the dangers of playing football.

My dad suffered a severe head injury that left him with brain damage, seizures, and other serious health problems. Although he recovered from his injuries, he still has to take care of himself and has to watch his diet and exercise habits.

In this post, we discuss the dangers of playing football. We share our personal experiences with football injuries and talk about the latest medical research regarding football-related injuries.

The History of Football

Football is a game which was originated in England. It is played between two teams who try to kick a ball through each other’s goal. The first football game was played by students of the Rugby School in 1789.

Football was invented by rugby player William Webb Ellis in 1823. He was a member of the Cambridge University team. The first official football match was played in September 1824.

The modern version of football was developed in the 1860s by an Englishman named Charles Alcock. His version of football used a spherical ball and four players per side.

The first rules for the game were released in 1863. The rules were released in order to prevent injuries to players. These rules allowed a player to be injured as long as he was still able to play the game.

In 1877, the first professional football club was formed. The team was called Wanderers FC. In 1878, the first football club to win a national title was formed.

Common Injuries and Their Causes of Football

Football injuries are the most common injuries which occur while playing football. So, if you are an athlete and you are planning to play football, then you must be aware of common injuries and their causes.

These injuries can occur in any sport but most common in football as compared to other sports.

There are certain common injuries and their causes of football.

Head injury

Head injuries are the most common injuries among athletes. The head is the most vulnerable part of the body in any sport.

Head injuries occur because of collision, improper tackling, etc. The head is the most fragile part of the body, so it is very important to make sure that you have the right protective gear.

Wrist, hand, and knee injuries

Most common among football players is to have wrist injuries. They are caused due to tackling and hitting the ball.

Knee and hand injuries are common among football players, especially when they are tackling the ball.

Ankle and leg injuries

Ankle and leg injuries are also common among football players. It can be caused due to improper tackling, falling down, or sudden stops.

How to Protect Yourself

There are certain tools and equipment that can help protect yourself during football. These include helmets, pads, mouthguards, elbow and shoulder pads, etc. The first thing that you should wear is a helmet. It is important to use the right size helmet. Some people can wear a regular size helmet while others need a bigger one.

A football player needs to wear the same kind of helmet that he wears when playing indoor games. This is because the helmet absorbs the impact that occurs when the player tackles another player.

Another tool that you can use is padding. It is important that you protect your face and chest. Mouth guards are used to protect your teeth and jaw, while pads protect your arms and legs. Elbow and shoulder pads help to protect your shoulders and arms from blows that can be caused by other players.

Football players also wear knee pads to protect their knees and shins from injuries that are caused due to contact with the ground or other players.

The pros and cons of playing football

It has been said that football is the game that is played in the streets of the whole world. It has become the game of choice for many youngsters because of its various benefits. There are various types of footballs like beach football, rugby football, etc. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of playing football.

Health Benefits

One of the main reasons why football is the game of choice for youngsters is that it helps to maintain good health. According to research, playing football increases the strength of players by about 30 percent. It is also good for heart and lungs as it helps to maintain a healthy heart rate.

Social Benefits

Another important reason for playing football is that it helps to develop social skills. It has been seen that when youngsters play football in the streets, they start developing friendships and they start interacting with each other.

Physical Benefits

Playing football is also good for the development of your physical strength and endurance. According to research, playing football increases the muscle mass and fat loss in players.

Mental Benefits

Lastly, playing football is also good for the brain as it helps to improve the mental state of the player.


In conclusion, when you’re playing football, you have to be aware of the dangers. You need to be smart, and you need to be careful. That’s why you need to learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid making the same ones. You don’t want to be the next person to get injured. If you want to learn how to play football like a pro, check out this video course on How to Play Football like a Pro. It’s free, just sign up to receive updates.

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