What is a Blown Save in Baseball?

What is a Blown Save in Baseball

Baseball closers are responsible for completing a team’s victory at the end of the game. In general, teams have their best relief pitcher pitch the most stressful innings as the closer. Sometimes, however, a pitcher cannot get the job done with a win and suffers a blown save. What does a blown save mean in … Read more

What is a Blitz in Football?

What is a Blitz in Football

In person or on TV, you might see the defense rush the quarterback and either sack him or cause him to throw an incomplete pass due to the rush. Is this type of defensive team play called a blitz? So what is a blitz in football, what are the different formations, and should it be … Read more

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt?

What is a Baseball Sliding Mitt

Watching a baseball game, you might see some baserunners wearing something that looks like an oven mitt. Not everyone wears one during a game, so it might seem odd. What is the purpose of using this baseball sliding mitt during a game? The full breakdown of why baseball players wear oven mitts on the basepaths … Read more

What is a Baseball Scout?

What is a Baseball Scout

Each season, the MLB draft receives far less attention than the NFL draft. Good MLB scouts can set up an MLB team for future success by finding great baseball players locally and internationally. How does a baseball scout work, what do they look for, etc.? Here are the answers to these questions and more. What … Read more

What is a Balk?

What is a Balk

I’m balking! What just happened? After the umpire gestured towards the pitcher, the baserunner moved up one base. Did the pitcher make an illegal pitch towards home plate, which resulted in a balk? In baseball, what exactly is a balk? What is a Balk? Balks (illegal motions) occur when a pitcher makes a pitching motion … Read more

What is a Backcourt Violation in Basketball?

What is a Backcourt Violation in Basketball

Backcourt violations occur when the offensive team commits an infraction in their own half of the court. It refers to two minor infractions that keep the game’s pace exciting and equalize scoring opportunities. The following is a complete breakdown of a basketball backcourt violation. What is the Backcourt? A team’s backcourt is its defensive zone … Read more

What Does Walkover Mean in Tennis?

What Does Walkover Mean in Tennis

Tennis walkovers are code violations handed down by umpires in the WTA, ATP, and USTA when players fail to notify of their absence at least 24 hours before a match. In addition, a walkover can occur if a player arrives more than thirty minutes late without reason. If a walkover occurs, the opponent advances to … Read more

What Does the K Mean in Baseball

What Does the K Mean in Baseball

Have you ever seen a bunch of K’s on an outfield fence or in the upper deck at a baseball game? The number of K’s represents how many strikeouts the home team has against the visiting team. Occasionally, fans will use something besides K’s, such as a cartoon, to represent their team’s strikeouts. As a … Read more

What Does OPS Mean in Baseball?

What Does OPS Mean in Baseball?

There is no doubt that baseball is the ultimate sport for math nerds. OPS, for example, incorporates formulas from other statistics, which makes it very interesting. Calculating OPS, or on-base plus slugging, can be a quick way to gauge a player’s actual value to their team, even though it might seem like a complicated formula. What … Read more

What Does Offsides Mean in the NFL?

What Does Offsides Mean in the NFL?

The term “offside” refers to when a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage before the ball snaps. Offsides violations result in five free yards, which can lead to an automatic first down. What you need to know about offsides in American football. How Many Penalty Yards is an Offsides Violation? Offsides violations give the … Read more