The Evolution of Sports Betting in Ohio

Evolution of Sports in Ohio

Ohio state legislators officially allowed sports betting, with online and retail betting set to launch by the end of the year. Dozens of sports betting licenses are available, and if they are all taken, the Buckeye State will soon become one of the biggest wagering markets nationwide.  It can feel off-putting to be uninformed, so … Read more

What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

What Does a General Manager Do in Baseball?

A general manager is responsible for the management of the entire organization. He/she has final say on player moves, trade negotiations, and contract renewals. The most important thing to understand when it comes to becoming a general manager is that you must be able to manage people. General managers need to be good communicators and … Read more

What Does an Ace Mean in Baseball?

What Does an Ace Mean in Baseball?

When someone talks about having an ace in the bullpen, it means they are referring to their top pitcher. Of course, this is true in any sport. In baseball, there are four main categories of pitchers. They are starters, relievers, closers and aces. Starters are usually the best players on the team. Their job is … Read more

What Does a Baseball Bench Coach Do?

What Does a Baseball Bench Coach Do?

The most important thing that a baseball manager does is pick the best team every season. That’s why he has to evaluate which players will be able to play well together. If you are looking for a job in sports, you might find yourself applying for a position of being a baseball coach. A good … Read more

Is NASCAR a Sport?

Is NASCAR a Sport

NASCAR is an American business that operates as a sport under auto racing. The organization is operating as a sport via the competition on the race track, and the NASCAR drivers also need to be physically and mentally fit to compete. There are many factors that contribute to a winning race team, but in NASCAR, … Read more

Is Soccer a Contact Sport?

Is Soccer a Contact Sport

Soccer is both a team and an individual sport. The difference between the two lies in the way that you play the game. In team sports, players pass the ball around until they score, whereas in an individual sport such as golf, you are required to hit the ball yourself. It’s also important to note … Read more

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

Baseball is my first memory. My parents handed me a glove and told me that this was mine now. I’ve been playing the game ever since. You want to break in your new baseball glove the same way you would break in a new pair of shoes. This means you want to wear the glove … Read more

How to Become an MLB Umpire?

How to Become an MLB Umpire

Baseball is a great game and it’s a sport that we’ve always enjoyed watching. However, if you are looking to become an umpire you need to be ready to commit to a long-term career. It takes years of training before you can even try to be an umpire. So, what do you actually need to … Read more

How Much Do Tennis Players Make?

How Much Do Tennis Players Make

In 2018, Forbes estimated that the average salary for a professional tennis player was over $155,000. The top 100 male and female athletes made approximately $30 million in total prize money between them last year. Tennis is not only big business for the pros it’s also very popular amongst amateurs. If you are an amateur … Read more